A casual walk down Broad Street Philadelphia after the big win brought tons of energy - fireworks, E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES chants everywhere you look, sounds of Meek, and grease pole selfies. Let's be real, if you made it to the top of a Crisco covered pole and you don't have a selfie to prove it, did it really happen?

If you're not in the city experiencing this and curious about the mayhem, here's some footage from my stroll down Locust, Broad, and Walnut for your enjoyment where ever you may be:

After the NFC win two weeks back, I was able to get footage this golden retriever who was the true superstar of the night. This pup was embracing all the vibes ...and the attention of course. ABC and Yahoo both picked up the video shortly after I uploaded it and shared it on their outlets. I did not shoot this with the intention of getting major views or going viral. In that moment, I spotted this beautiful creature engaging with the fans around him. I disconnected from all other distractions and connect with what was in that lens - both in composition and emotion. I tend to do things because I enjoy it. If other people like it, it's a plus. As of this post, ABC's post of the video has reached upwards of 100k views.

Tap here for ABC's post of the video.

Tap here for Yahoo's post of the video.

Here's some additional footage from after that NFC win that really captures the energy.

Enjoy and share the posts and videos all that you wish. A share is always a compliment. All video was shot by myself and is permitted for media usage with attribution to Drop a line to with any additional inquiries.

Matthew DiFabio