Something New

I've noticed that in shooting video there is always something new. I'm talking more than a new subject, event, or location to shoot. It's the experience as a whole, the relationships you build, and the things you learn.

I shot last week at Baltimore Soundstage for a show hosted by Identity Theft Events - a collective of east coast based talent put on this evening of reuniting Pretty Lights and Nectar fan bases. I originally set out to shoot footage of the event as a whole and showcase the lasers that were provided to us by X-Laser. (Side note, the light show was incredible. The LED panels and standing tubes were build by Nathan Towles, one of the event's producers.)

One thing I love about this community is everyone is open-minded and willing to learn from one another. During sound check, I began chatting with Sean Baldwin and his talented team who handled the on-stage screen projections. They had the stage rigged with stationary camera's and would overlay graphics over the piece. Fascinated by what they were doing and having all the right gear with me, I brought up the idea of giving them a video feed from my camera into their system. We tested it right then and there in soundcheck. After the initial test, all of our responses were along the lines of "yeah... let's do this."

That, paired with the incredible musicians and visual team ultimately created an energy that radiated strongly into the crowd. Be sure to check out some of the sick photos from the event taken by Dasi Photography.

Takeaway: Don't stray away from trying something new with new friends. I did not know how the video feed would work out having never done it before, but that should be no damn excuse. There's know way in knowing into you actually try. And if things don't work first run, you still walk away with new knowledge and one step closer in your endeavor in trying new things.

Disclosure: If you are sensitive to strobe lighting effects and suggestive language, these videos may not be for you. Otherwise, kick back, relax, and enjoy the videos below the shout-outs

I'll update this post periodically throughout the next week to also include excerpts from Thought Process' PR3TTY L1GHTZ act.

Shout Outs
Producers: Nathan Towles, Corey King
Haptik & Friends:  Nathan Towles (mixing), Kasey Ashton (drums), Anthony Ashton (vocals), NCKFRMPTN (vocals), Jon Hao (violin), Danial Mason (guitar)
Thought Process: Joseph Rich (mixing), Corey King (drums)
Marketing: Mike O'Brien
Projection Visuals: Sean Baldwin, Derrick Planz, and Tim Willis
Lights: Jack Thomas
Laser Op: Michael Chappell
Lasers Provided by: X-Lasers

Matthew DiFabio